Large Size - Realistic Faux Silver Bison Skull with Black Horns

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Easy to Hang!

14 x 13.5 x 5 inches

This is a faux piece and no animals were harmed to produce this beautiful work of art.

A solid piece that has nice weight to it. Feels good holding it.

A beautiful display for your home or office. Eye catching color and amazing detail.

It doesn't matter how old you are, it's a beautiful work of art that can be displayed anywhere at home or at the office on a desk, shelf, bedroom, etc.

It's a great reminder of the beauty of our planet and its Rich History.

It is created from an environmentally friendly, non-toxic, plant-based material that is fully recyclable and sustainable.

All of our packaging is recyclable, compostable, or reused. Please consider donating these materials to people in your area so they can be repurposed!

Thanks for looking!


 - Easy to Hang Cow Bull Bison Skull Art Decor Faux Taxidermy

* This is not a toy, it is for display only. It wouldn't be suitable for very young children.